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Audio Int'l "AMT Statement"

"Everything is right"

"The AMT Statement is a powerful loudspeaker that must first be configured once. When one ventures to take this step, however, one will get a sound converter that is as true to its original input as it ever can be."


Genuin Audio "Pulse" in AUDIO TEST

"The sound one hears from Genuin Pulse is world-class. Only few loudspeakers are able to reproduce so fine and clearly such a wide range of frequencies. This is how we imagine high-end loudspeakers to be!"

likehifi test / genuin pulse: echt und ursprünglich

Genuin Audio Pulse im Test bei HIFISTATEMENT 

"Everything is right with this sound converter. Truly."


Testbericht in HIFISTATEMENT

Mag. art. Ulrich Katzenberger
Tonmeister (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz)

"I have worked with myro Whisky loudspeakers for almost a year and am still very impressed by their sound qualities. They have a very natural and honest character and bring out the smallest details and nuances. Above all, the spatial reproduction of different instruments in the mix is absolutely top-notch."

Christian Zimmerli
Zimmerli Sounds

"The loudspeaker Whisky by myro is very extraordinary in design and sound. Independent of music genre, its reproduction captivates effortlessly with reliable audible penetration. Panorama and virtual depth are clearly felt, and timbre is faithfully reproduced. This helps when filters are configured. Since the development of the loudspeaker takes into account the time constraints of a reproduction, the configurations of a compressor are easily acoustically documented and optimized. The pleasant reproduction of the high tones is characteristic, and the installed tweeter captivates with little distortion. Essential to the operation in a studio is ultimately the realization of the resulting sound by various systems outside it. The extensive comparisons were excellent and convincing. Whisky allows me to forget the loudspeaker and just listen to the music. The faithful reproduction of details relating to room, venue, and timbre promises exciting, reliable work in mixing and tonal editing of recordings."

FairAudio's Favourite Award 2010

"the Whiskys define a real benchmark in terms of mid-range and tweeter quality: it is highly accurate, extremely coherent and, with all precision, fit for the long-run – a really formidable piece of loudspeaker art . . ."



Total Music Meeting 2006, 07, 08
Berlinische Galerie

"Listening to live music amplified and reproduced by the myro system was my first 1:1 experience. That means, a significant factor in the reception of improvised music that consists of sophisticated, complex sound layers is to harmonize the visual and tonal outcomes so that they give an absolutely unified impression. Where different frequency ranges and optimal range of musical dynamics are concerned – the myro-PA delivers a crystal clear, transparent acoustic pattern.

It is pure sound – the best of what can happen to us musicians, party-makers and listeners."

The Absolute Sound (USA)

ESS Connoisseur Series AMT 450


"In a way, this is a speaker the world has been waiting more than twenty years for. It has taken that long for driver technology to catch up with one of the grand

visions in speaker design - the symmetric-driver, phase-linear, two-way speaker."


"This speaker has an impuls response that makes most others look like a confused mess."

Dr. Markus Fein
Künstlerischer Leiter der Sommerlichen Musiktage Hitzacker

"Myro loudspeakers are proven to be the best over many years at the Sommerliche Musiktage in Hitzacker, because even when transmitting the sophisticated classical music featured here they still contribute significantly to its full dynamic, harmonic power of expression without appearing electro-acoustically altered even to a small extent. We have Michael Weidlich, the myro loudspeaker developer, to thank for these valuable, culture-promoting technical enrichments.

Whether it is about the reproduction of saved music on sound recording medium or the electro-acoustically amplified reproduction of live music, in terms of the key criteria of loudspeaker quality regarding the authenticity of sound reproduction, myro loudspeakers are the best of what I have heard so far."

Positive Feedback (USA)

ESS Connoisseur Series AMT 450


"The 450s are for intelligent, dedicated audiophiles." 




The Absolute Sound (USA)

ESS Connoisseur Series AMT 450


"Best sound of the show:"

"Biggest non-DSP soundstage: ESS. Big room, no early reflections, time-coherent speakers."

Image HIFI (D)



"It is finally there: the coherent, quick acoustic pattern across the entire spectrum, with a fantastic Klassiker on board – cheers for the better years to come for AMT!"

Fedelta del sono (Italien) 

ESS Gas Tower

"The Epiphany"


"Like in an ‘encounter of the third kind’ one feels compelled to change his convictions about positive listening experience by the impact of this new fascinating reality."


"It reproduces therefore the emotions of a live listening experience, including those that get under one’s skin, and force even the most phlegmatic and scatter-minded audience to show reaction."


"Michael Weidlich, the designing engineer of the GAS Tower, has no doubt that the time coherence is the first parameter that must be under control. Perhaps Richard Heyser, who devoted himself to this idea decades ago, would be proud of him."

Hobby HIFI (D)

Audio Int’l Projekt 1.3


"Absolutely time-precise: Audio Int’l Project 1.3"


"Designing engineer Michael Weidlich worked intensively for the Frankfurt high-end smith Audio Int’l to get a signal-correct loudspeaker off the ground ."


"Conclusion: during the development of Project 1.3, the efforts by Audio Int’l bear plump fruits. Apart from the objective of the acknowledged metrological and acoustic quality, this interesting and big loudspeaker can be said to have fulfilled many major and important criteria: it is ridiculously fun to listen to music with this box."


myro La Musica


"The absolutely phase-correct time behavior of the box, which can compete with the best electrostatic loudspeakers, is sensational."


"It is hard to believe but true: the tiny floor-standing box is not only fitted with a rich deep base, but also plays musically, absolutely impulse-correctly and spatially precisely. In this weight category, the living-room friendly La Musica is undoubtedly the best-sounding floor-standing box that we know."

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