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Black Magic Diamond

Musicality is the result of technical perfection.

By reducing the distortion components, especially the distortions caused by permanent dynamic signal changes, a clear, clean sound image with a deep black backdrop is achieved. Music can thus exude its emotional appeal. Dynamic variations, timbres, fine details and spatial dimensions are fully revealed against this black backdrop, and the performers literally stepping out of it.

Image 06.12.20 at 13.41 (1).JPG

Black Magic Diamond is a statement of the superior quality of the latest Accuton Cell speaker systems. The current 20 mm Black Diamond tweeter is virtually invisible accoustically. 


Thanks to the exact timing of the signal interaction with the midrange drivers, its quality is not affected by incorrect signal sums. These are usually caused by phase errors between the drivers and are particularly noticeable in the dominant transient processes in the form of artificial signal distortions. These distortions affect the impulse dynamics and create a mist of artifacts. The spatial dimensions are also distorted. Even the perception of tonality changes. 

The following measurements with sine periods in the frequency range particularly critical for our hearing impressively demonstrate the exceptional conversion quality of the Black Magic Diamond.

In this frequency range the top three speakers work together. Their interaction is so precise that both half waves of the sine periods are exactly the same - and no artificially distorted sound waves are generated!


The following measurements with rectangular signals show a behavior that has not been expected from loudspeakers so far.

The expert is astonished and the layman wonders.

An analog passive 3 ½ way loudspeaker with such a sensational result - that seems impossible. But it is precisely those specialists who are working extremely well in their core competences who contribute to this result. 


Both woofers of the Black Magic Diamond are Accuton new creations with remarkable qualities. The incredibly direct transmission of the voice coil movement to the extremely rigid membranes results in a direct interaction with the adjacent air. The quality of the drivers also ensures very low distortion values.

Image 06.12.20 at 13.42.JPG
Allle zusammen 1037x691.jpg

An essential part of the Black Magic Diamond concept are the crossovers with their finely tuned filters and very high component quality. These are mounted with a highly insulating butyl compound and wired to one another directly. 

MRESIST ULTRA resistors with copper-manganin foil






and other high-quality components ensure excellent sound. The COPPER FILM PAPER spools are coiled by Mundorf especially for this purpose.

The safe contact to the amplifier is via ETI binding posts.



height 118 cm (without feet/spikes)

width 22,5 cm

depth 29 cm 


Nominal impedance: 3 Ohm

Price / pair from 23.980,- €

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