My Journey of Discovery

Before I saw Michael at work for the first time, I had no idea at all what loudspeaker development meant. Although I enjoyed listening to music sometimes, and had my fair share of good and bad experiences of loudspeakers in the past, they’d never been an object of fascination for me.

One summer evening, as a few of us were shooting the breeze at a modest restaurant and bar in town, the background music there caught my attention. It had such a powerful vividness and clarity I’d never come across in all my previous years of listening to music, let alone in a restaurant and bar. I remember making a comment about it, and an enigmatic smile flickered in Michael’s eyes before he told me that their loudspeakers were made by him. I’d never forget that moment.

Since then I’ve been exposed to a multitude of his loudspeaker models in different environments, from cozy living rooms to funky cinemas to professional recording studios. My journey of discovery has been an eye-opening one. “Time-coherence” is no longer just a foreign, technical jargon but something I’ll definitely be looking for in loudspeakers for myself and my loved ones.

In almost a year (and counting) of social distancing and staying put, I’m glad I have the company of great music that still brings hearts and spirits together even when people are physically apart...


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