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Monitoring loudspeakers with a correct transfer function are indispensable for effective, accurate and reliable work in recording studios. Unfortunately these are rather rare, not a recording studio standard.

The characteristics of the loudspeaker chassis, the construction and the frequency filters have always presented the developers with seemingly unsolvable problems when trying to achieve a correct transfer function. Michael Weidlich AUDIO even solves this problem analog and with passive filters. In certain areas of application, passive filters directly as an oscillating circuit in conjunction with the chassis are the most effective solution. Loudspeaker chassis are bandpasses with overlapping resonances. The base resonance of the entire vibrating system overrides the high pass. The membrane resonances override the low pass of the systems. Both phenomena are highly problematic in their on-off behaviour and cause signal distortion. Precisely designed passive filters are able to correct resonances and their distortion components most effectively. 


Analogue loudspeakers have no latency and are free of digital artefacts that shroud the sound events like a fog and make it difficult to judge other artefacts while listening. Analogue loudspeakers have no bandwidth limitations as they are used in digital technology. This is a major advantage for listening and assessing transients, as the ear can perceive rise times that are much faster than the transient sound vibrations that are usually used to determine the listening bandwidth.

The PROFIDELITY A2 by Michael Weidlich AUDIO is a precision tool for the recording studio. It has passive filter circuits and a built-in amplifier module, connected via a balanced XLR connection.


Ideally, the components used in a studio monitor should not add their own sound signature to the playback. The crossovers of the Profidelity are equipped with first-class components from Mundorf. They are directly twisted, soldered, and glued together with butyl compound to dampen vibrations. Interfering microphonic effects are thus massively suppressed. Mundorf Supreme silver-gold solder ensures the unsurpassed conductivity of the contact points. 

For the PROFIDELITY, an elaborate, acoustically optimized housing geometry was developed. The baffle, milled from one block, effectively reduces secondary sound sources caused by edge diffraction. This helps with precise spatial location. The flat baffle surface does not have a constant height and width. Together with the large curves, this results in the best conditions for sound radiation. The bass reflex port is located in the downward sloping lower part of the front. The sound travel times of the bass diaphragm and the bass reflex port are matched. The amplifier electronics are separated from the pressure chamber by an inner cabinet.


Stable multi-layered cabinet walls, the special geometry and thick acoustic foams inside reduce resonances and reflections. 

The "Dolifet" technology of ABACUS (Drain-Output Load-Independent Field Effect Transistor) effectively dampens the reverberation of the diaphragms and guides the loudspeakers to perform exactly the way it's supposed to.


H max. ≈ 57 cm

W 31 cm

D max. ≈ 43.9 cm

Stand height: 55.5 cm (without spikes/feet)

Price / pair: from 6,800,- €

Price of Stands (per pair) 998,- €

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