In beautiful white piano lacquer, these fantastic loudspeakers are a feast for the eyes and ears. Awaiting you are many unforgettable hours of music enjoyment.


The P in the name stands for "Passive". PROFIDELITY P2 is intended primarily for private use. As passive version without integrated amplifier module they work best with a high quality amplifier, such as the Abacus Ampollo Dolifet MW-Edition.


For optimal positioning, stands of the best material and workmanship whose design has been specially adapted to PROFIDELITY come with our package offer.


H max. ≈ 57 cm

W 31 cm

D max. ≈ 41 cm

Stand height: 55.5 cm (without spikes/feet)

Price / pair from 7.000,- €

Price of Stands (per pair) 998,- €