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STAR is a time-coherent, very accurate-sounding loudspeaker in a living-room-friendly format. It is the result of more than 30 years of experience and you can hear that in every sound - a three-dimensional vivid and full sound image of surprising clarity which is extremely fun to listen to. 


Great importance was given to a high quality signal path. Connection is made via first-class pure copper binding posts from ETI in Australia. 

The crossover network is equipped with the best Mundorf components, such as SUPREME EVO oil capacitors, foil coils and MRESIST ULTRA resistors. The components are directly twisted and soldered together and glued with butyl compound to dampen vibrations. Disturbing microphonic effects are thus massively suppressed. Mundorf Supreme silver-gold solder ensures the unsurpassed conductivity of the contact points.

Weiche 1037x691.jpg

Ultra-pure copper cables ensure loss-free connections and acoustic dimpled foam keeps the interior quiet.

The powerful drivers carefully selected for this model harmonize perfectly with each other.


30 mm textile cone tweeter with waveguide.

6.5" mid-woofer with anodized aluminum cone


The unusual arrangement of the drivers on the baffle allows equal sound travel times from tweeter and mid-woofer to the listener. This is an essential prerequisite for the time-coherent sound reproduction and, to the astonishment of the listener, results in a representation of what is happening beyond the loudspeaker - a grand sound image from a small speaker! The conventional wisdom that the tweeter should be at ear level proves to be a mistake in most cases upon closer examination.

Bild_Laufzeitausgleich_HT unten.jpg

Report from the testing lab


The step response reflects the transmission function of a loudspeaker. The STAR behaves exemplarily as an electroacoustic transducer. This quality is the essential prerequisite for a loudspeaker to be able to precisely follow the permanent abrupt changes in the flow of music. Thus, the STAR succeeds in reproducing the sounds authentically and in their original temporal relationships. The spatial representation of the performance is not artificial, but faithful to the original setting. The transients and fundamental-overtone relationships are not unnaturally distorted which results in largely preserved timbre.


Another measurement that separates the wheat from the chaff is the measurement with sine periods in the transition range of the drivers (here sine 3,000 Hz).

Dimensions H 88 x W 19 x D 24.5 cm


Price / pair from 4.900,- €

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