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Trilogy (Model 1)

The design is uncompromisingly optimized for acoustic delight. Distinctive high-end features paired with top performance -  this is the foundation for truly exceptional results.


The Trilogy Model 1 fully utilizes the classic concept of the 3-way loudspeaker. The incredible responsiveness of the time-synchronized drivers allows the speaker to follow the signal path precisely. Every abrupt change in vibration is executed with lightning speed and vigor. Here flows the energy!

The Model 1 is equipped with high-performance drivers in all ranges.


The tweeter comes from German specialists BlieSMa and convinces with powerful parameters. The 34 mm beryllium diaphragm can handle enormous dynamic jumps due to the sensationally large linear stroke of +- 1.5 mm. Due to the likewise sensationally low moving mass of only 0.26 g for this diaphragm size, a sensitivity (2.83V/1m) of more than 97 dB is achieved in conjunction with the powerful neodymium magnet. This combines speed and performance and contributes to the overall highly involving sound character. 


The midrange driver is also a top product of German loudspeaker engineering. ARCOSIA is the name of the top series from the renowned German manufacturer ETON. The 7″ driver used has a magnesium composite diaphragm. The diaphragm is provided with holes arranged in a spiral pattern, through which reveals the rear coating faintly. This gives the chassis not only its characteristic design, but also its radiantly colorful sound. 


33 cm basket diameter, 515 cm² effective dispersion area and a large linear diaphragm stroke; these are the key data for substantial bass reproduction. In the ETON 12 "s, the 3-layer Hexacone sandwich cone produces dry dynamic bass in the closed cabinet space. The diaphragm is able to work neatly far into the midrange. The crystal-clear play of the midrange is thus not distorted by diaphragm resonances of the bass speaker.

The heart of the Trilogy Model 1


The frequency filters are largely responsible for the transducer characteristics of a loudspeaker. The circuit is relatively straightforward for a 3-way LS, even if the large number of components suggests otherwise. Thus 19 capacitors form only 3 capacitor values. A time/signal correct transducer behavior is obviously the design specification here as well. The components are glued with butyl compound and wired directly. The crossover is located in the separate chamber inside the double rear panel.


First-rate components ensure the exceptionally high-quality sound.

The connection to the amplifier is made via the WBT nextgen™ binding posts with vibration dampers on the underside of the Model 1, allowing the cables to be connected unobtrusively and in the shortest possible way.



Height 120 cm

Width ( cabinet ) 45 cm

Width ( stand ) 65 cm

Depth ( cabinet bottom max.) 81.4 cm


Price(pair) 22.000,- €


The cabinets of the Trilogy Model 1 are made up of several layers of different materials and solidly reinforced on the inside. This effort ensures the best acoustic properties. The elegant piano lacquer surface in combination with matte elements highlights the sophistication of the design. The speakers are supported by a solid metal frame height-adjustable by Sicomin antispikes.

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