Loudspeaker Upgrades 


They are worth it.


Whether out of love or habit or the thought about the sustainability of things; there are several reasons to preserve your "treasures" or to give them a new lease of life.


We can offer a check-up on all speakers developed by Michael Weidlich, and if necessary a repair or an upgrade. Ageing is a gradual process that often escapes us. Therefore we'll be all the more astonished to enjoy our loudspeakers as new after an upgrade. Technical advancement regularly provides us with components of higher quality which in some cases can unleash hidden potential in your loudspeakers. It is often a loudspeaker upgrade that provides the basis for a further upgrade of the entire system for more auditory enjoyment.


Many of our happy and satisfied customers would not want to return to the days before their loudspeaker upgrade. Contact us and we will guide you towards finding your individual solution.

We also supply loudspeaker drivers if your upgrade calls for new ones, as well as crossover components and other accessories.

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