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The ABACUS Ampollo Dolifet caused a sensation in our YAudio Club and in the Fairaudio test report.  


Michael Weidlich AUDIO offers an exclusive edition of the Ampollo - the ABACUS Ampollo Dolifet MW Edition.

ABACUS Ampollo Dolifet MW Edition

The connections to the loudspeakers in the MW Edition are made via WBT-Nextgen binding posts. This reduces mass storage effects and eddy current distortions. The same applies to the WBT-Nextgen RCA jacks used.


The internal wiring has been improved. Solid core cables made of high-purity UP-OCC copper are now used.

The seven fuses come from AHP - Audiophile HiFi Products. The polished copper version is used.

The modifications are made directly at ABACUS.


ABACUS Ampollo Dolifet MW Edition

Distributor: Michael Weidlich AUDIO

Price: 5.950,- €

Standard Ampollo can be upgraded at a price of € 1,500.

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