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Xambino - love at first sight -.


We have affectionately handcrafted these small floor-standers. The loudspeaker chassis from SEAS from Norway, the extraordinary time-correct tuning and premium crossovers with Mundorf components ensure their stunning sound; - perfect for relaxing evenings by candlelight or the next big musical occasion.

The Xambino also follow our rigorous demands on proper sound accumulation. Only in this way can music be delivered with its original characteristics.

IMG_9695 2_H52K12.jpg

As infallible proof of this is in the step measurement, which mercilessly exposes errors in the collaboration of the individual drivers. The Xambino overcomes this hurdle with flying colours.

Sine 3.000Hz

Another "tough" test is the measurement with a sine period in the particularly critical transition area from the tweeter to the midrange woofer. This measurement is easy for anyone to understand. You can see the two uniform half waves of the sine that end almost as abruptly as they began. Which manufacturer has the courage to publish such tests?​

Sinus 3 kHz.jpg

Impedance Frequency Response

How much a loudspeaker is a "burden" for the operating amplifier can be seen, among other things, in the impedance frequency response (frequency-dependent resistance). Here, the Xambino proves to be an exceptionally accommodating bass reflex unit.


The crossover that makes these results possible is a true masterpiece. The complexity of the circuitry, the quality and the price range of the components speak for themselves.


Now it's up to you to fully benefit from this foundation for quality sound. We are looking forward to assisting you!


H 78.3 cm

W 19 cm

D 24.3 cm

Price / pair from 2.998,- € (with bamboo surface)

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