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- Oscar Wilde

Products & Services

  • Bespoke loudspeakers for private and commercial clients

  • ​Loudspeakers for recording studio applications

  • Upgrades for existing speaker models

  • Loudspeaker testing and evaluation

  • Room acoustics testing and consultation

  • Amplifier from ABACUS electronics

  • Cables from TMR

  • YAudio Club for interested and ambitious fans of HiFi technology and music



Michael Weidlich is a pioneer in the field of time-coherent (signal-precise) sound conversion and one of the world leaders in this field. His development and application of a testing technique for the analysis of the transient response of loudspeakers provided a profound understanding of their conversion behaviour and of the interaction of sound sources with room acoustics. His concept of "time-coherent" (signal-precise) conversion has reached a very high state of maturity.