"The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value."

- Oscar Wilde

Products & Services

  • Bespoke loudspeakers for private and commercial clients

  • ​Loudspeakers for recording studio applications

  • Upgrades for existing speaker models

  • Loudspeaker testing and evaluation

  • Room acoustics testing and consultation

  • Amplifier from ABACUS electronics

  • YAudio Club for interested and ambitious fans of HiFi technology and music



Michael Weidlich is a pioneer in the field of time-coherent (signal-precise) sound conversion and one of the world leaders in this field. His development and application of a testing technique for the analysis of the transient response of loudspeakers provided a profound understanding of their conversion behaviour and of the interaction of sound sources with room acoustics. His concept of "time-coherent" (signal-precise) conversion has reached a very high state of maturity.

Also in Team


Alexander is a very talented design engineer and an essential member of our team. When it comes to design engineering, the sky is the limit for him, even though he often has to work with many constraints to maximise our loudspeakers' sound potential.


Lina had her science degree in the USA and her career in training before moving to Germany. Now she's an indispensable part of the business looking after a range of things from web design to operations to international communication.


Henry was VP in a trading firm and is now our marketing consultant and legal council for some Asian markets, particularly China and Japan. Drawing on his rich corporate experience he's been providing us with tons of invaluable insights.​​

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