Black Magic Diamond

Musicality is the result of technical perfection.

By reducing the distortion components, especially the distortions caused by permanent dynamic signal changes, a clear, clean sound image with a deep black backdrop is achieved. Music can thus exude its emotional appeal. 

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With its slim silhouette, musiQe blends strikingly discreetly into your décor, becoming part of its surroundings. It can even be placed in front of a window without obstructing the view outside. 


STAR is a time-coherent, very accurate-sounding loudspeaker in a living-room-friendly format. It is the result of more than 30 years of experience and you can hear that in every sound - a three-dimensional vivid and full sound image of surprising clarity which is extremely fun to listen to. 

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Monitoring loudspeakers with a correct transfer function are indispensable for effective, accurate and reliable work in recording studios. Unfortunately these are rather rare, not a recording studio standard.


Polaris convince with their dynamic presentation. Their cabinet design reflects their sonic performance. The cabinet, which is tilted to adapt the acoustic sound sources to the listening position, is perched on a base cabinet containing the crossover network and mounted on stainless steel spheres. 


In beautiful white piano lacquer, these fantastic loudspeakers are a feast for the eyes and ears. Awaiting you are many unforgettable hours of music enjoyment.

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