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A Gem - Omnes Audio CX 3.3

Today our never-ending R & D is presenting the development of a time-correct coaxial loudspeaker for midrange/high-frequency applications. Coaxial refers to the arrangement of two or more systems on a common axis. Coaxial loudspeakers are time-correct in the sense that sound emission is simultaneous when the acoustic centers lie on the same plane. The CX 3.3 fulfils these and other basic requirements for time-correct reproduction, so nothing stood in the way of the development of a loudspeaker system that converts signals precisely.

The result can be seen and heard; a single source of sound as if cast from a single mold!

We are therefore happy to show the step response of the loudspeaker and, as you can see from the measurement graph, the high and mid frequencies play in perfect harmony.


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