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Cables are important. They provide the connection between devices, ensure the best possible signal flow and the appropriate power supply. To complete our chain of time/signal-coherent music reproduction we also offer cables from TMR from Berlin. The combinations of our loudspeakers with the ABACUS Ampollo Dolifet amplifier MW Edition and the TMR cables are a dream team!


The cooperation of TMR and Michael Weidlich AUDIO has resulted in new NF connections, which carry the identifier ME. They are equipped with additional ground foils. The consequently improved isolation and field symmetry provide even more clarity, spatiality and unrestrained energy flow.


A listening sensation awaits you.

The music plays in a clear, in all dimensions expansive fashion in front of a dark backdrop, from which dynamic sounds are released unabashedly.


The sound is free of unpleasant coloration and distortion. The perfectly integrated controlled bass range, which seems to reach an octave lower than usual, is striking - auditory delight at its best!

TMR RAMSES NF ME RCA Preisbeispiel: 2 x 1 m / 669,50 €

TMR RAMSES NF ME XLR Preisbeispiel: 2 x 1 m / 875,50 €

TMR RAMSES LS Preisbeispiel: 2 x 2 m / 1.442,- €

TMR Netzkabel NK6 Preisbeispiel: 1 m / 650,- €

We are happy to helpl you and arrange for your personal test set.

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